The Nido is ‘made to order’, exclusively customised from a range of finishes making it the ultimate, personalised cocoon, transforming the bathroom into a private retreat.



Nido™ frame is 100% sustainably sourced from FSC solid timber. The frame is uniquely crafted from one of the most stable solid timbers available; Cambia.

Overcoming timber warpage, the Nido™ frame is constructed by sequentially aligning and inverting the timber laminations, adding strength while minimizing any slight movement common in wet environments.

Available in three finishes, the Nido™ bath frame is coated using ‘Treatex’, a natural plant oil wax coating, protecting and enhancing the surface finish, durability and longevity with no environment or human impact.



Head Rest

With a selection of five head rest colors, personalizing your Nido™ is the final stage in creating a signature statement in your bathroom.

Made from a high performing upholstery textile that is uniquely crafted to create a water resistent head rest that seamlessly merges with the Nido™ design through two adjustable connections.

Coated with PermaShield Plus and SilverGuard technology, the Nido™ head rest protects against stains and bacteria creating a fresh environment.